Hotel Fox - Copenhagen, Denmark

Hotel Fox
Jarmers Plads 3
DK-1551 Copenhagen V
T: +45 33 13 30 00
E: hotel@hotelfox.dk

I stayed in two different hotels when I was in Copenhagen. The first was Phoenix Copenhagen (which I will review later) and the second was Hotel Fox. I loved Hotel Fox a lot more and regretted not booking my entire stay with them.

When I travel, I love to stay at luxury hotels as well as creative design hotels. Hotel Fox was the most unique hotel I've stayed at on this trip (but I haven't stayed at many design ones in the past). It is a boutique design hotel, with 61 different rooms by international artists. They do their best to accommodate your choice of room, but of course you're not guaranteed the one you want as they're quite a popular hotel. Here are all the rooms, which are categorized by size: small, medium, large and extra large.

I really enjoyed my stay here and would for sure come back again. The staff are so friendly..plus they have THE best buffet breakfast!

My room was an extra large. #206 - "Ecstasy". I didn't see how big the other rooms are but as an "extra large" it wasn't so big compared to other hotel rooms I've stayed in. So if you decide to book this hotel, I would recommend booking a large or extra large room if you're used to having a bit of space.

Now the highlight of my stay here: the breakfast!! If not included with your room rate, it is 155DKK ($25) and well worth the price. It was my favourite hotel breakfast. Probably not surprising, as the food in Copenhagen was also my favourite out of all the other cities I visited this trip.

This city is famous for their sandwiches (particularly smørrebrød) and they really are all delicious. Usually I'm picky with food but I tried almost all the different kinds of sandwiches they had here even when I wasn't always sure what was inside.

They also have a selection of Danish pastries..I don't know what this was but it was SO DELICIOUS! Scandinavian pastries are my favourite.

Most of their rooms are really cool. Here's my favourites:

Go here for all of them!

Small: $232 (1395 DKK)
Medium: $322 (1936 DKK)
Large: $336 (2021 DKK)
Extra Large: $364 (2191 DKK)

Location: Very conveniently located across the street from a small 24hr grocery store, 5min walking distance to Strøget (the main pedestrian street), and about 10min to Tivoli Gardens (the famous amusement park).


  1. Hi Tiffany! I am going to Vegas in the winter and was wondering if you have any hotel suggestions? Ones priced at the high 100s/low 200s as we are broke students :) Thank you!

    1. lucky, I've always wanted to go to Vegas! Unfortunately I've never been so I don't have any suggestions yet..

  2. I have no word..really love your blog....the other one too:)

    awesome:) I really love pretty thing and travel too:) but I have never stay as many pretty hotel like yours:)



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