World Expo 2010: Part II - Shanghai, China

(photo credit: AP Photo)
Fireworks at the opening day

(photo credit: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)Sunshine Valley
(photo credit: Eugene Hoshiko/AP Photo)Denmark Pavilion with the famous Little Mermaid statue
(I can't believe they actually brought this here..I remember going to see it in its original location
when I visited Copenhagen a few years ago - on my first ever trip to Europe!)

(photo credit: Reuters/Shanghai Pacific Institute for International Strategy)France Pavilion

(photo credit: Reuters/Stringer)Russia Pavilion
(photo credit: AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)South Korea Pavilion

(photo credit: Reuters/Stringer)Serbia Pavilion

(photo credit: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)
Spain Pavilion

(photo credit: Kevin Lee/Bloomberg)
Inside the Seed Cathedral/UK Pavilion

(photo credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Preparing for a show
(photo credit: AP Photo)
Performers dressed up as Terra Cotta warriors

(photo credit: AFP/Getty Images)
Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

(photo credit: Reuters/Shanghai Pacific Institute for International Strategy)Newly-lit highway intersections of Shanghai
Part I here.


  1. Omg it's so awesome! If I remember correctly I think you've mentioned that you can speak Canto? I found the Expo Opening Ceremony that broadcast on TVB. Maybe you might be interested in watching it? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O9XJ8TDH =]

  2. yes I can lol well to an extent. thanks for the link!!

  3. You're welcome. I think watching the opening ceremony is as close I will be able to get to the expo lol.

  4. Wow OMG beautiful pictures...



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